Emergency Items You Should Keep in Your Car

Emergency Kit

Most people know that in order to drive safely they need to perform routine vehicle maintenance. In addition, your car should also be equipped to handle any roadside emergencies that might occur – regardless of whether or not you carry auto insurance that includes roadside assistance. By keeping the following emergency kit items in your car, you and your passengers can help ensure the safety of everyone in the vehicle by being readily prepared for a variety of situations.

Emergency kits for cars are put together with the intention that should something happen to your vehicle, you can be prepared to either resolve the problem yourself or stay safe while you wait for roadside assistance. Car accidents can often lead to other mechanical problems in the vehicle that can cause serious malfunctions. An emergency car kit can come in handle for events beyond mechanical issues, such as weather and other dangerous road conditions that can put the lives of all vehicle occupants in danger. Additionally, as humans, people are bound to make mistakes like leaving headlights or cabin lights on, which drain the car battery.

What To Include in A Vehicle Emergency Kit

A car’s emergency kit contents will vary depending on the environmental conditions in which you regularly drive and/or live in. For instance, a driver who lives in the north and faces harsh winter conditions will need items that a driver who lives in south may not. While a car’s emergency kit should be tailored to the driver, the following items should be included in every kit:

  • Equipment to change a tire, including a spare tire properly outfitted for your vehicle, a wheel wrench, and tripod jack.
  • Jumper cables are essential when a car’s battery has died and/or the vehicle cannot be started. Should the driver may need another vehicle to perform the jump, jumper cables are necessary to do so. Jumper cable kits are available that function without the need for a second vehicle.
  • Reflective gear such as reflective triangles or reflective vest is crucial if a car problem occurs during nighttime or at low visibility hours like twilight. Should a driver need to perform a roadside action – such changing a tire or reconfiguring a load they are hauling – reflective gear helps signal to other drivers that a vulnerable vehicle and person is on or near the road.
  • A flashlight and extra batteries are helpful in a variety of situations at night or in low visibility. A flashlight can also be used to provide light to check on mechanical problems or undercarriage issues.
  • A first aid kit containing bandages, gauze, anti-bacterial ointment, pain reliever, tweezers, cold compress, scissors and hydrocortisone is useful in a variety of situations, including non-vehicle related issues. Accidents can occur at any time inside or outside a vehicle’s cabin, and a first aid kit can help either remedy the issue or contain it until appropriate medical attention can be secured.
  • Should a car break down or another serious event occurs, having a powered cell phone is necessary to call for help; therefore, keep a car charger for phones and other accessories that can provide navigation or correspondence during distress in your kit.
  • Drinking water and nonperishable, high-energy foods are good to keep on hand in the event that you are stuck while you wait for assistance or in other situations such as harsh weather that prohibits safe driving.
  • A fire extinguisher is a key safety item that should be kept in the car and at home in case of a blaze.

After a driver has assembled their car kit, it is important to routinely check it to ensure all items are in working condition. If not, the emergency kit may not be useful.

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