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Work Accidents

Parties Responsible For Work Accidents and Injuries

Every Texas worker expects to work in a reasonably safe environment maintained by his or her employer. No one wants to be injured while doing their job but every year thousands of Texans are involved in work accidents. This can be a scary, painful, and confusing experience that leaves workers wondering how they will recover and if they will be able to continue to financially support their families. When injured at work, who can be held responsible for your medical expenses? In Texas, if you are injured in a work accident while on the job, typically your employer is required to help you obtain medical treatment. Some employers and their insurance companies may make this process difficult and will try to avoid paying appropriate compensation for your injuries.

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Crosswalk Accident

Why Crosswalk Accidents Are So Common

Everyone in Houston knows that cars rule the roads when it comes to transportation; however, pedestrians and cyclists still have rights that must be acknowledged when driving. According to Texas law, drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians who are at marked, or unmarked, crosswalks when the pedestrian is in the driver’s half…

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Truck Accidents

How Truck Accidents are Different Than Car Accidents

While they may share the road, cars and trucks are very different vehicles when it comes to getting into an accident. On average, there are 500,000 truck-related accidents that occur annually in the United States, of which there are almost 5,000 fatalities. Truck accidents are known to be much more severe in nature; and, the…

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Fatal Car Accidents

Fatal Car Accidents Continue in Texas

Texas has seen reduced traffic on the roads throughout 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Texas roadway fatalities have continued to rise at approximately the same rate as last year. Even with the state locking down for a few months and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) seeing a drop in the number of reported car crashes, Texans are still dying on the roads at an alarming rate.

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Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

The holiday season is finally here; and, with it comes holiday travel. From late November to mid-January you will see more cars on the roads and more people choosing to travel by plane again, even during these uncertain times. If your family is choosing to travel during this holiday season, along with the usual risks of traveling, there will be new risks for everyone in the family with regard to COVID-19 exposure. Airports, bus stations, train stations, and car rest stops are all places travelers can be exposed to the virus in the air and on surfaces. These are also places where it can be difficult for you and your family to socially distance. Take basic precautions while traveling to keep you and your family safe.

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Workplace Safety Coronavirus

Staying Safe at Work During COVID-19

The SARS-COV-2 virus, also known as COVID-19, has spread to all corners of the globe, including the workplace. Staying safe while working alongside the coronavirus is essential and employers have a responsibility to do all in their power to prevent their employees from being exposed to the virus. Many workers may feel uncomfortable returning to work and may have many questions they need answered before going back to their office, retail location, restaurant, or other work site.

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Accidents in Houston

Top Causes of Car Accidents in Houston

Driving in Houston is unavoidable as we are one of the largest commuter cities in the country. Car crashes happen on a daily basis, however, leaving victims to deal with severe injuries, emotional distress, and property damage. Most of these car accidents are completely preventable if drivers had simply paid attention to the road and taken the time to drive safely.

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Electrocution Accidents

Tips for Preventing Electrocution Accidents

Electricity is all around us and is essential to modern day life at home and work. Many professionals work to keep the lights on for all of us, including electricians, power line workers, electronic technicians, and engineers. These workers know that working with electricity can be very dangerous and that many electrical hazards exist in their work environment.

OSHA has recognized electricity as a serious workplace hazard for decades. On average, electrocution accidents account for approximately 5%-8% of construction industry fatalities. All companies are required to take specific precautions to protect workers from electrocution accidents.

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Dangerous Habits

The Construction Industry’s Most Dangerous Habits

Construction worksites are inherently dangerous and require constant awareness. There are numerous safety hazards lurking around every corner. Construction site safety is crucial to keeping workers safe while handling dangerous equipment and working in unsafe conditions. If construction companies are practicing dangerous habits while on the jobsite, serious and even fatal workplace accidents will happen.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Why Personal Protective Equipment is Crucial to Worker Safety

All work environments expose workers to a variety of safety hazards throughout their workday. Harsh cleaning supplies, loud machinery, slippery surfaces, falling objects, pathogens, sharp items, and items requiring heavy lifting are just some of the hazards workers may experience on a daily basis. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers ensure…

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