Types of Crane Accidents

types of crane accidents

Recent crane collapses in large cities in Texas have been attributed to operator and employee errors. If workers had followed safety guidelines and operating procedures, severe injuries and property damage could have been avoided. Despite technological advances in cranes and in the industries in which cranes are used, crane accidents…

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The Construction Industry’s Unsafe Work Practices

Unsafe Work Practices

Construction worksites are inherently dangerous and require constant awareness. There are numerous safety hazards lurking around every corner. Construction site safety is crucial to keeping workers safe while handling dangerous equipment and working in unsafe conditions. If construction companies are practicing dangerous habits while on the jobsite, serious and even fatal workplace accidents will happen.

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Dangers of Construction Work in Houston

Dangers of Construction Work in Houston | Construction Accident Attorneys

There are many things about Texas that makes the state unique. In addition to being known as a business-friendly state, Texas is also home to a booming construction industry that employs thousands of Texan workers. Unfortunately, the construction boom came with substantial risks.

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The Most Common Injuries for Construction Workers

Common injuries for construction workers

As of 2019, there were over 11.4 million United States workers employed in the construction industry. With so many Americans working in construction, it should come as no surprise that many suffer from serious and debilitating injuries while on the job. Construction workers face some of the most dangerous work…

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