The Construction Industry’s Most Dangerous Habits

Dangerous Habits

Construction worksites are inherently dangerous and require constant awareness. There are numerous safety hazards lurking around every corner. Construction site safety is crucial to keeping workers safe while handling dangerous equipment and working in unsafe conditions. If construction companies are practicing dangerous habits while on the jobsite, serious and even fatal workplace accidents will happen.

Working in an Unsafe Worksite

Construction workers in an unsafe worksite are more likely to be involved in serious or fatal on-the-job accidents. An unsafe worksite may have electrical hazards, lack of fall prevention, trip hazards, slippery surfaces, tools that are not well maintained, or a variety of other safety concerns. All construction companies should have a safety program in place to protect their workers from harm. This may include specific operating protocols, keeping tools organized in a safe way, having certain safety equipment in place, and many other critical specifications. It is the construction company’s responsibility to regularly evaluate the jobsite for safety issues; however, if a worker notices the site has become unsafe, he or she should immediately notify their manager or the construction company’s safety officer.

Not Providing Personal Protective Equipment

Another workplace danger begins when workers cannot wear the appropriate personal protective equipment because their company has not provided it. The worker is risking their own safety and well-being when they are unable to wear the correct gloves, boots, helmet, respirators, or other protective gear mandated to keep them safe while working. If the company has not provided the appropriate personal protective equipment or training on how to use the equipment, they are putting their own workers at risk for serious injury.

Lack of Situational Awareness

When working on a construction site, there will be many different people using a variety of large equipment. A worker may think that since they have used a certain machine dozens of times or driven a specific worksite vehicle on a daily basis that they do not need to worry about what is going on around them. This dangerous habit can easily get someone seriously injured or killed. Construction workers must be aware of who is around in all directions when using large, dangerous machinery or driving a construction vehicle. They should also perform all safety checks each time they get into a vehicle or use a piece of machinery. Each person must be aware of and respect the power behind the equipment they are using, or accidents will occur.

Bad Health Habits

Workers may engage in risky behaviors common to the construction industry that can lead to accidents. If your co-workers or workers from another company working on your jobsite are smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, binge drinking, and more, this can decrease situational awareness, increase the likelihood of them injuring themselves or others while on the job, and increase the severity of an injury if an accident occurs.

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