Transocean Drilling Rig Resumes Operation After Seaman Crush Injury

Maritime Crush Injury

An offshore worker was caught between a rail and a 1,400-kilogram steel adapter while employees were preparing a semi-submersible Transocean drilling rig for severe weather. The oil rig contractor, Suncor, undertook a joint investigation with rig owner Transocean, which identified hazards associated with lifting equipment and operations as the root causes of the incident. A crush injury can happen in any situation where heavy objects or machinery surrounds workers; thus, all offshore workers face the risk of crush injuries on a daily basis.

Maritime Crush Injury

According to OSHA, approximately 125,000 American workers suffer crush injuries every year. A crush injury happens when strong, compressing force is applied to all or part of the body. Crush injuries most commonly affect appendages like hands, arms, feet, and legs; and catastrophic crush injuries often result in wrongful death.

The crushing force can cause organs to rupture, bones to fracture, and blood vessels to burst. The longer the body of an injured worker remains crushed, the more severe the damage. This is because when muscles are compressed for an extended period of time, toxins are suddenly released into the body with fatal results. For this reason, maritime crush injuries require the early intervention of a trained medical professional.

Some of the biggest factors in crush injury incidents are: 1) a lack of training and 2) companies failing to maintain or provide the appropriate equipment to ensure worker safety. If an offshore employer fails to provide a safe working environment, it can mean the vessel is unseaworthy. Unseaworthiness and failing to train employees can allow an injured seaman to hold a maritime employer financially liable for the resulting injuries that occur.

Offshore Injury Lawyers

Crush injuries are tragically common in the maritime profession, as seamen, longshoremen, and rig workers work with or near some of the heaviest machinery in the world. Inevitably, when offshore accidents happen, the consequences can be devastating. Maritime crush injury survivors often face lifelong medical problems prohibiting them from working at sea anymore. The experienced offshore injury lawyers at Dax F. Garza, P.C. can help you with any injuries sustained while working at sea. Contact us today for more information about our maritime law practice.

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