Trench Collapse Causes the Death of Construction Worker

Trench Collapse

The construction industry is full of many life-threatening hazards. Falls, tripping over equipment, electrocutions, and being hit by an object at the jobsite are just a few of the workplace accidents that can injure construction workers. Though accidents can and do occur, when they happen within the construction industry they can quickly become life-threatening. Recently, a trench collapse at a jobsite caused the death of a Texas construction worker.

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Vitamin E Acetate and Vaping Illness

Vitamin E Acetate

With the rise in popularity of vaping devices, many people now either use a vaping device or know someone who does. A lot of people find the devices to be a welcome alternative to cigarettes and other forms of tobacco use. But a months-long national outbreak of health-related issues related…

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Slips, Trips, and Falls In The Oilfield

Oilfield slips, trips, and falls

Injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls in the oilfield are common, as oilfield workers often work long hours in challenging outdoor environments, increasing the likelihood of a slip or a trip. In fact, slips, trips, and falls are the third leading cause of injury in the upstream oil and gas…

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JPML Creates JUUL MDL in California


JUUL was founded four years ago with a promise it could help smokers quit. It quickly spawned the vaping movement. Over the course of the last year, high school students experienced a 78% surge in e-cigarette use, according to a report by the CDC. Successful marketing to minors, coupled with…

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