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Amazon Struggling With Wide Variety of Workplace Accidents

Amazon has become incredibly prolific as a source for all types of goods, content, and services. Although Amazon started as merely an online bookstore, it is now considered one of the Big Four of technology alongside Google, Apple, and Facebook. Obtaining this prevalence and success required the hard work of thousands of employees. Unfortunately for many of Amazon’s warehouse employees, their hard work has been rewarded with dangerous workplace conditions.

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Dangers of Construction Work in Houston | Construction Accident Attorneys

Dangers of Construction Work in Houston

There are many things about Texas that makes the state unique. In addition to being known as a business-friendly state, Texas is also home to a booming construction industry that employs thousands of Texan workers. Unfortunately, the construction boom came with substantial risks.

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Houston's most flood prone areas

Houston’s Most Flood Prone Areas

Owning a home in the greater Houston area can be a rewarding experience for many. While having a space to retreat to for comfort and to build new memories in can be a great joy for those entering into homeownership, it can also bring about several concerns – importantly, whether…

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Texas truck accident lawyers

Causes of Truck Accidents in Houston

Large trucks are crucial to the transportation industry. Most people don’t go a single day without buying or using something that spent time being transported by an 18-wheeler. Although these vehicles are integral to our transportation industry, they do pose serious risks on the roadways. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we have seen firsthand how dangerous truck accidents can be.

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Tow Truck Accident

When a Tow Truck Causes a Car Accident

While most of us just think of tow trucks as being used to help us when our vehicles are in need, just like any other vehicle on the road, tow trucks can be involved in car accidents. As large and heavy vehicles, tow trucks have the potential to cause serious…

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