Oil Well Blowout

Texas Oil Well Blowout Kills One Worker and Injures Three More

On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 29th, a fatal Texas oil well blowout occurred at the Chesapeake Energy worksite off of County Road 127 near Deanville, Texas, about 75 miles east of Austin. Workover operations were underway at the time. While the cause of the blast is still unknown, the unexpected accident tragically killed an…

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Firefighters extinguishing an explosion

Fatal Explosion Kills Two Houston Workers

In the early hours of Friday, January 24th, an industrial workplace accident startled thousands of Houstonians from their sleep. Residents woke to a roaring explosion originating from Watson Grinding & Manufacturing in Northwest Houston. The explosion, which was caused by propylene gas, claimed the lives of two employees and injured several other workers. The explosion…

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Fishermen working on boat

Two Fishermen Missing, One Dead After Collision with Tanker

One fisherman has died and two others are missing after their 81-foot fishing vessel collided with a 600-foot chemical tanker off the coast of Galveston. The 81-foot fishing vessel Pappy’s Pride capsized after the crash, sending four of its crewmen overboard. Two crew members were rescued from the water; of those rescued, one fisherman was…

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Deployed Airbags from Car Accident

10 Million Airbags Affected By Latest Takata Recall

Takata is recalling more than 10 million front airbags that have been utilized by 14 different automakers. The recall was made after it was discovered the airbags were exploding with accelerated force and hurling shrapnel in the process. Faulty Takata inflators have been linked to at least 25 deaths worldwide to date. Takata has a…

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Flavored E-Cigarette Cartridges

FDA Unveils Strict Policy Targeting Flavored E-Cigarette Cartridges

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a new policy requiring companies to cease manufacturing and distribution of flavored e-cigarette cartridge tobacco products within 30 days. The policy is aimed specifically at fruit and mint flavors, which have been found to be most popular among minors. The FDA has taken another step in…

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Maritime Accident Attorneys

Improper Hull Maintenance to Blame for Towboat Sinking

Preventative maintenance on boats and ships helps keep its crewmembers and passengers safe. When proper maintenance is not conducted, the consequences can be devastating. Recently, a towboat capsized and sank in the Mississippi River due to a lack of effective inspections of the boat’s hull.

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Vaping Injuries Attorney

Study Links Vaping to Long-Term Risk of Respiratory Disease

Though the practice of vaping has been around for many years, it skyrocketed in popularity during the past decade. While many turned to vaping to cut down or quit smoking cigarettes, the effects of e-cigarette use have proved to be damaging for users. Now, a study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine linked vaping to a long-term risk of respiratory disease.

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Trench Collapse

Trench Collapse Causes the Death of Construction Worker

The construction industry is full of many life-threatening hazards. Falls, tripping over equipment, electrocutions, and being hit by an object at the jobsite are just a few of the workplace accidents that can injure construction workers. Though accidents can and do occur, when they happen within the construction industry they can quickly become life-threatening. Recently, a trench collapse at a jobsite caused the death of a Texas construction worker.

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Drunk Driving Accident

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Rallies Around Safe Driving This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and many will find themselves participating in some form of holiday travel. With so many travelers on the roadways during this time of year, it is incredibly important to keep safe driving practices in mind. One of the most important safe driving practices to remember is sober driving. Recently, those involved in Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have been partnering with local law enforcement to ensure those on the roads are traveling with safety in mind.

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Spinal Cord Injury

College Gymnast Dies After Spinal Cord Injury

In the event an injury occurs on the property of a business and due to the fault of the owner or operator, questions can be raised as to how the injury occurred. One college student paid the ultimate price after sustaining a major injury at her place of employment.

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