Types of Personal Injury Damages Available in Texas

personal injury damages

When you sustain injuries because of another party’s negligence, you can hold them financially accountable for your losses by seeking personal injury damages and receiving a settlement or winning a verdict in a trial. There are three types of damages you can pursue in a personal injury case: Economic Damages…

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Understanding the Personal Injury Claim Process in Texas

injury claim

Injuries caused by the negligence of another party happen in all sorts of circumstances. When these injuries occur, the victims can pursue compensation for the damages they received by filing an injury claim. Personal injury cases hold the at-fault party liable for the injuries they cause, so the victims do…

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What Is a ‘Personal Injury’ In Texas?

what is considered a personal injury

A personal injury is a legally compensable harm done to at least one person by another. Personal injuries are injuries that cause harm to the person. The harm can be physical or mental. The harm can also be interference with a person’s convenience or damage to their reputation. A personal…

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Who Is Responsible For Amusement Park Injuries?

Amusement Park Injury Lawyers

Depending on what causes an amusement park injury, legal responsibility may rest with the park owner, the designer or manufacturer of a ride, a concession stand owner, and more. Very often, more than one company is responsible for paying compensation to the injury victim. Ride-Related Injuries During our hot Texas…

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