Types of Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

Most people have suffered a burn injury in their lives. Injuries like sunburns or blisters from accidentally touching a hot pan are extremely common and usually heal on their own without medical treatment. However, there are other types of more serious burn injuries that can cause permanent damage and even death.

Burn Injuries In Texas

The oil and gas, construction, and industrial manufacturing industries are booming in Texas. While this is extremely positive for our economy, it also brings burn injuries much closer to the Texas worker. These industries have a high number of burn injuries because of the inherent dangers involved; but Texas workers are still entitled to a safe workplace. Burn injuries are easily prevented when employers adhere to local and federal safety regulations, but unfortunately many employers blatantly choose to ignore the rules, putting workers at risk for burn injuries.

Types Of Burn Injuries

Many people associate burns with fire, but chemicals and electricity can also cause burn injuries. Regardless of what caused the burn, the medical field categorizes burns into four types based on severity.

The four types of burns include:

  • First Degree Burns – As the least severe type of burn, first degree burns only affect the outermost layer of skin. While the burn might be a little painful, it generally heals itself in a couple days.
  • Second Degree Burns – Second degree burns are more common than most people think. These burns damage the outermost layer of skin and the second outermost layer of skin, referred to as the dermis and epidermis. Pain can be severe and blisters may develop over the burn. Second degree burns are often characterized as looking wet or moist.
  • Third Degree Burns – Burns that damage all of the layers of the skin are referred to as third degree burns. These burns also cause extensive damage to the tissues and nerves underneath the skin, making them painful and disfiguring. Recovery from these burns can take a very long time depending on the affected body part.
  • Fourth Degree Burns – Fourth degree burns are life-threatening burns that affect the skin and deeper tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and bones. These burns often lead to the complete loss of the affected body part.

Burn injuries are extremely tragic because of the permanent damage they inflict. While some victims might recover, most victims of serious burn injuries have a reduced earning capacity and are unable to return to a normal life. Because of the severity of burn injuries, it’s crucial for negligent employers who don’t keep workers safe from these injuries to be held accountable.

Getting Help After A Burn Injury

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