Could Drones Make Workplaces Safer?

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are better known as drones, and these airborne robots can perform tasks that could once only be accomplished by human labor and/or heavy-duty equipment. And, when OSHA decides to use drones to do its own safety inspections, one has to wonder if the devices can help with day-to-day business operations as well.

In the quest to increase workplace safety for humans, technology often plays an important role. Drones have already delivered better work coordination in the construction industry and can help mitigate safety issues associated with high-risk tasks. One industry expert says he believes drones already help prevent accidents on jobsites because a human is now no longer required to access problematic areas that might be dangerous, such as near live wires.

How Drones Can Increase Jobsite Safety

Drone technology is still in its infancy, with new devices being developed that incorporate elements like X-ray technology and the ability to create three-dimensional maps of objects using WiFi signals. Drones can be used in a variety of ways to help keep workers safe. Soon you might start seeing them on construction sites as often as you see trucks and forklifts. As drone technology continues to advance, their usage in the construction industry is only expected to increase, especially if they can continue to improve worker safety.

While drones have seemingly endless applications in the future workplace, a few ways employers can use them now include:

  1. Conducting better inspections
  2. Disaster response
  3. Evaluating and planning a worksite
  4. Inspecting scaffolding
  5. Monitoring multiple building levels
  6. Ensuring worker compliance with safety protocols
  7. Reducing exposure to hazardous substances and radiation
  8. Transporting items on the jobsite
  9. Using drone data to make things better

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