Texas Workers Are Dying on the Job at Alarming Rates

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Texas workers are forced to trust their employers to provide them with a safe workplace. And it is the right of all workers to have a work environment free from dangers. Yet sadly, many employers do not follow applicable safety regulations, leaving their workers to pay the price.

Many Texans work in dangerous occupations. Construction, agriculture, oil and gas, transportation, and many other workers face potential hazards on the job each day. All it takes is one person to be careless, reckless, or malicious, and Texas workers can find themselves badly injured at work.

In fact, according to the Texas Observer, “[i]n 2017, a worker in Texas died on the job every 16 hours. They died from electrocution, asphyxiation, falls from roofs, exposure to toxins, equipment malfunctions, heat stroke, and automobile collisions. The death toll exceeded the number of murders in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin combined. 2016 and 2017 were among the deadliest years for workers in the state in two decades.”

But why has it become so much more dangerous to work in Texas?

  • In Texas, employers are not required to provide regular rest breaks. Only Austin and Dallas have local ordinances mandating breaks for construction workers.
  • Texas is the only state that doesn’t require workers’ compensation insurance for private employers.
  • Texas has no state occupational safety inspection agency.
  • Texas has the fourth-lowest union representation in the country.
  • Texas workers report safety and health violations ranging from a lack of bathroom breaks to amputations necessitated by flesh-eating bacteria.
  • The Houston metro area regularly sees more worker deaths than both Los Angeles and Chicago.

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