Defective Devices

Advances in technology and medicine over the last several decades have resulted in the average American living considerably longer and with a better quality of life than they did a few generations prior. Not so long ago, some injuries or illnesses meant certain death or permanent decreased quality of life; with modern medicine, most can now be treated and even cured in some cases. These medical advances have the potential to improve and save lives, but some defective medical devices do the opposite, and can actually harm patients – leading to serious injury or death.

Defective Devices Examples

There are many defective medical devices the FDA has issued warnings about or recalled. These include devices such as transvaginal mesh implants, faulty birth control devices, inferior vena cava (IVC) filters, and many others. Two of the defective devices our firm specializes in are:

  1. Mirena – This intrauterine device (IUD) is designed to be a stable and more permanent form of birth control than “the pill” which must be refilled and taken daily. Because it is implanted, Mirena can deliver the hormone Levonorgestrel that aids in keeping women from getting pregnant and not allowing the egg to attach to the uterine walls.
  2. Bair Hugger – This medical device is used during surgery to help the patient maintain a safe body temperature by forcing warm air to circulate around them. However, this air movement can encourage air particles and other contaminants to enter the site of the surgical incision and cause a serious infection.

Defective Medical Device Lawsuits

Defective medical device lawsuits are covered under a law known as products liability that protects consumers from devices with design defects, manufacturing defects, or a failure by the manufacturer to properly warn the consumer of any hazards surrounding the device. Defective devices in the medical field are no exception, and these devices can cause 22,000 deaths each year according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. When the law identifies a device as defective, a statute of limitations is often issued as well, meaning patients who were harmed by them only have a certain amount of time in which to file a claim.

Texas Defective Devices Law Firm

If you or someone you know received a defective medical device and has experienced unwanted complications or side effects, contact one of the expert attorneys at Dax F. Garza, P.C. to discuss your case at no charge. There is a limited time to act depending on the type of device.

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