Safety Tips For Peak Racing Season

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Texans all across the state are enjoying the change in weather. The cooler temperatures make many outside activities much more bearable. Although some parts of Texas are covered in layers of snow, most of the state is at a comfortable temperature. While this weather is extremely pleasant, it also comes with a few unique dangers. Fall through Spring is considered peak racing season for runners and cyclists, and drivers need to remember to share the road safely to avoid collisions.

Safety Tips For Peak Racing Season

You may have noticed an increase in foot and bicycle traffic already. The amount of pedestrians and cyclists will only increase into the new year and during the upcoming spring. According to the 2017 National Runner Survey by Running USA, fall is runners’ favorite season, followed by spring. Since most of Texas seems to skip the “winter” season, this means the state is inundated with more foot and bike traffic on its roadways for months on end. While there are running trails available, approximately 64% of runners prefer to run on roads and 60% run while listening to music.

These combined circumstances can make for a dangerous situation; however, regardless of where a runner or cyclist chooses to exercise and if they are listening to music while doing so, drivers must yield to them. Drivers are charged with sharing the roads safely and preventing accidents. To help prevent deadly collisions, drivers should consider a few quick safety tips.

First of all, drivers cannot drive distracted. Taking your eyes off the roads for even a minute could cause a collision. Because cyclists and pedestrians have little to no physical protection available, even small collisions could be deadly. Drivers also need to remember not to get emotional. Some drivers get angry when they have to share the roads, but pedestrians and cyclists have the right to use the roads. While pedestrians and cyclists might be seen as annoying or a nuisance, vehicles pose huge risks to them and drivers cannot infringe upon their rights.

Finally, during racing season all drivers need to exercise caution. Sharing the roads can be easy if drivers look out for pedestrians and cyclists and show them respect on the roads. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen and peak racing season inevitably leads to devastating and life-changing accidents.

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Drivers have no right to endanger the lives of others. Runners and cyclists should be able to enjoy Houston’s tolerable weather without the fear of collisions with vehicles. If you or someone you love gets injured this racing season, contact the experienced auto pedestrian accident attorneys at Dax F. Garza, P.C. We can help you pursue compensation and get justice.

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