T-Bone Car Accident

T-Bone Car Accidents: Who’s at Fault?

T-bone car accidents usually include two vehicles and occur when one vehicle crashes into the side of another at a right-angle, creating a “T” shape. These auto accidents are also called side-impact collisions or broadside crashes and are known to be among the most fatal of all types of Houston car accidents….

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Top 5 mistakes after a work accident

Top 5 Mistakes After a Job Injury

Workplace accidents are more common than most people realize and they can devastate not only the injured worker but also those who depend on them for financial support. In the aftermath of an unexpected physically and financially devastating accident, it is important for workers to know the top 5 mistakes…

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semi-accident lawyers

4 Ways a Semi Accident is Different from a Car Accident

As Houston injury lawyers, we handle all types of motor vehicle accident cases, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, auto-pedestrian accidents, and semi-truck accidents. While the facts of each case make each victim’s situation unique, there are major differences between a truck accident and a car accident that does not involve…

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Common injuries for construction workers

The Most Common Injuries for Construction Workers

As of 2019, there were over 11.4 million United States workers employed in the construction industry. With so many Americans working in construction, it should come as no surprise that many suffer from serious and debilitating injuries while on the job. Construction workers face some of the most dangerous work…

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