Car Accidents

Distracted Driving Facts Every Driver Should Know

Houston Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys

By now, we all know distracted driving is dangerous. But what exactly is considered distracted driving? Distracted driving is the performance of any action that takes a motorist’s attention away from the road. This can include anything from simply being lost in thought to the driver taking their hands off of the wheel entirely.

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Personal Injury

Types of Personal Injury Damages Available in Texas

personal injury damages

When you sustain injuries because of another party’s negligence, you can hold them financially accountable for your losses by seeking personal injury damages and receiving a settlement or winning a verdict in a trial. There are three types of damages you can pursue in a personal injury case: Economic Damages…

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Maritime and Offshore Accidents

What is the Jones Act?

what is the jones act

As the United States faced the grim reality of World War I, the Jones Act of 1920 was created to protect and regulate shipping in the United States. In this Act, ships transporting between U.S. ports were required to be built and registered in the U.S., have a majority of…

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Workplace Accidents

Injured at Work? Take These Next Steps.

injured at work

Texas workers perform challenging jobs around the clock, requiring diligence and attention to detail to prevent on-the-job accidents while often dealing with harsh elements and fast-paced environments. But even the most safety-oriented employee in Houston can be injured at work and require quick reactions in response. Workers dedicate many hours…

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