How Speed Limits Affect The Safety of Passengers in a Car Accident

How Do Speed Limits Affect the Safety of Passengers in Car Accidents?

Ever since the car was invented, drivers have been expected to travel at reasonable speeds that take into consideration the road, traffic around them, and weather conditions. The invention of speed limits came about to ensure that all drivers understood what speeds are safe while driving on the road. As the population has grown, along…

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causes of motorcycle crashes

5 Main Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Riding a motorcycle in Texas is a thrilling experience. With flat stretches of highways, motorcyclists can ride at high speeds across the state while enjoying the Texas scenery. Riding a motorcycle comes with serious dangers that all riders should be aware of. Even the most experienced motorcyclist can get into a devastating accident and be…

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texas distracted driving

7 Distracted Driving Statistics All Texas Drivers Should Know

Distracted driving is on the rise in the United States and is one of the main causes of car accidents in Texas. If a driver becomes distracted, even if only for a few seconds to check a text message or reach for an item, they will not be able to respond to a sudden change…

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Work Injury

What Happens in a Work Injury Case Where There Is No Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Being injured while on the job is a painful, confusing, and stressful experience that can leave a worker wondering what their next steps are and if they are going to be able to continue working and supporting their family. The first thing many employees think of after suffering a work injury and seeking medical treatment…

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Riding Motorcycles In The Rain

Riding Motorcycles Safely When It Rains

Riding a motorcycle can be especially challenging when it is raining or during other inclement weather conditions. For many Texans, a motorcycle is their only form of transportation and taking a day off from work may not be possible just because it is raining. Motorcyclists can ride safely when road conditions are wet. Read below to find out what happens to the road when it rains and how to stay safe while riding your motorcycle in wet conditions.

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Drunk Drivers

Impairment Versus Intoxication in Drunk Drivers

Unfortunately in Texas, drunk driving is just as common as a backyard barbeque or Friday night football game. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, a person is hurt or killed in a crash involving drunk drivers every 20 minutes. Everyone knows that drinking and driving is illegal in Texas, but do you know the difference between driving while impaired versus driving while intoxicated? Both are serious crimes in Texas that can have life-impacting consequences. The state defines intoxication as “having lost the normal use of mental or physical faculties.”

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Work Accidents

Parties Responsible For Work Accidents and Injuries

Every Texas worker expects to work in a reasonably safe environment maintained by his or her employer. No one wants to be injured while doing their job but every year thousands of Texans are involved in work accidents. This can be a scary, painful, and confusing experience that leaves workers wondering how they will recover and if they will be able to continue to financially support their families. When injured at work, who can be held responsible for your medical expenses? In Texas, if you are injured in a work accident while on the job, typically your employer is required to help you obtain medical treatment. Some employers and their insurance companies may make this process difficult and will try to avoid paying appropriate compensation for your injuries.

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crosswalk accidents

Why Crosswalk Accidents Are So Common

Everyone in Houston knows that cars rule the roads when it comes to transportation; however, pedestrians and cyclists still have rights that must be acknowledged when driving. According to Texas law, drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians who are at marked, or unmarked, crosswalks when the pedestrian is in the driver’s half…

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Truck Accidents

How Truck Accidents are Different Than Car Accidents

While they may share the road, cars and trucks are very different vehicles when it comes to getting into an accident. On average, there are 500,000 truck-related accidents that occur annually in the United States, of which there are almost 5,000 fatalities. Truck accidents are known to be much more severe in nature; and, the…

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Fatal Car Accidents

Fatal Car Accidents Continue in Texas

Texas has seen reduced traffic on the roads throughout 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Texas roadway fatalities have continued to rise at approximately the same rate as last year. Even with the state locking down for a few months and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) seeing a drop in the number of reported car crashes, Texans are still dying on the roads at an alarming rate.

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