Houston School Bus Driver Accused Of Texting Behind The Wheel

School Bus Accident

With the school year drawing to a close, parents and students may have their attention focused on summer plans rather than their classes. In contrast to the start of each school year, when communities are regularly reminded to be mindful of school bus safety best practices, the end of the year sometimes comes with less of a safety focus.

Most Texas school bus safety laws deal with how other drivers should behave when driving near school buses or how passengers should safely enter or exist a bus. However, the conduct of bus drivers is becoming more problematic than ever before due to distracted driving behaviors.

Bus Drivers and Distracted Driving

Recently, some Houston, Texas school student passengers observed their school bus driver engaging in distracted driving while transporting them to and from their destinations. Dubious as to how to ensure their safety but knowing they needed to gather evidence, students took video of their Houston bus driver using a cell phone while driving.

In the state of Texas, school bus drivers are not allowed to use a phone while children are on the bus and the bus is moving, and is considered a class C misdemeanor. In fact, all drivers in Texas are prohibited from using cell phones in school zones, and school bus drivers in particular can never use them.

Distracted driving can cause a wide variety of injuries and property damage to other people on the road. When someone is not paying full attention to the task of driving, they can easily drift into another lane or rear-end another vehicle, all at very high speeds. Doing so can severely injure the people in the other vehicle(s), passengers, and the driver. On average, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports about 134 people die in school-vehicle-related crashes each year.

What Happens If My Child Is Injured In A Texas School Bus Accident?

If your child is injured in a school bus accident, seeking medical help should always be your first priority. After your child is stabilized, you should work with a Houston personal injury lawyer to determine whether or not the accident could have been avoided or prevented. Dax Garza can investigate your accident and determine who may be held responsible for resulting injuries, help you file a claim, and fight to ensure you receive fair compensation for your child’s injuries.

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